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Fall is for Planting Sale!

Fall is for Planting

Fall is the best time to plant shrubs, trees, and perennials for a few really beneficial reasons:

  • Fall brings cooler temperatures. This means less chance of shock for the plant but yet still more than warm enough to start a great root system which will continue to expand throughout winter.
  • Planting in the fall gives the plant a spring jumpstart because it will have already established some root growth throughout winter.
  • The drop in temperature also means less pests, insects, and diseases. Many pests and insects are either dying off at this point or are preparing for winter, so they are not as harmful to plants. Diseases become less of a problem because they thrive off of the summer humidity which will have dissipated by this time.
  • Cooler temperatures mean less maintenance in the watering department!

As you can see, planting in fall is beneficial to both the plant and the homeower.

fall leaves

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