Plant Health Care & Maintenance

Rave Landscaping offers complete maintenance services that include spring and fall cleanups, mulching, edging, and loose pruning for woody ornamentals based on American National Standards recommendations. We also offer full spectrum Plant Health Care Services which consist of balanced fertilizer applications, insect and disease control, integrated pest management plans, and full diagnostic services.

All of our services are designed in accordance with national standards to encourage optimum plant health and longevity while minimizing environmental and consumer impact. Ideally, these results are achieved through comprehensive landscape care i.e. ensuring proper irrigation, mulching, fertility, and pruning practices as well as minimizing insect and disease factors. Our philosophy is to look at the 'big picture' to solve the problem, rather than the symptoms. We utilize only the best professional products and standards to deliver the meticulous results our family of clients have come to expect.

In most cases we will charge a small consultation fee which will be applied towards your treatment plan once service is agreed upon.